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Seule la faim, donne la volonté de s'améliorer

The third novel wrote in 2008.

Is a love story possible, in a world where enchantment is manipulation, in a society where man is the cannibal of his neighbour.
In a contemporary and feudal world, Jone, an idealistic young man, Théa, a young woman under influence, Everett Mann, a power-hungry captain of industry and Léon Thobie, a tall and pale man always present during disasters on Earth …will meet…

Les rêves n'existent que lorsqu'on les regarde

The second novel wrote in 2005.

A story where we follow the adventures of a lost young man, who imagines his life. Is he schizophrenic? Is he really manipulated? Is it his will to see certain things, which makes them appear or his inability to analyze, distinguish and structure his universe.

Le réveil d'Hector

After five years, i finish to write my first novel  in 1994.

"Hector's awakening" is an extrapolation on the relationship between man and machine and an attempt at foresight. The novel is also a metaphor for evolution that evokes the creation of consciousness in humans and its parallel for the artificial intelligence of a computer. The book also talks about a possible transfer of power between humans and artificial intelligence.
The themes addressed to deal with evolution are the non-choice of decisions, creation by duplication, chance as a factor of indetermination. The story tells the adventures of Maxime Nilaspuri, cosmonaut and scientist who must rebuild himself in a world unknown.

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