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In 2023 I compose an LP called "Directions opposées". Seven pieces based on sounds, noises, textures and repetive motifs. I play as well electronic drums and percutions wich i propose every thursday online. Some concerts are planned soon.

In 2024 another LP called "Order within chaos" will be available around april. Another one "No cells No life"  is in preparation for june.

Order within Chaos
6 pieces of music
Poligon activities
Square situations
Directions opposées
7 pieces of music
Episode 07 - Musique pour le silence à l'intérieur
Episode 06 - Musique pour les choix inopportuns
Episode 05 - Musique pour les directions opposées
Episode 04 - Musique pour les interactions
Episode 03 - Musique pour les mythes anciens
Episode 02 - Musique pour une magie naturelle
Episode 01 - Musique pour les rêves désespérés​
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