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it's a tightrope


Dublin 1980, the band has been created in november. I respond to an "Hot Press magazine" add from Kevin Jennings searching for a drummer. In december, bass player Maurice Cerniack coming from the band "Berlin" join the band and we decide to name it "It's a tightrope".

In may 1981 Bass player Jean-Pierre Fradet replaces Maurice going to the states.

In august 1981, RTE radio and Dave Fanning ask us to make a session in their studio to record five tracks for the "Dave Fanning show".

In december 1981 the band plays in first part of the english band "Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark" in the Dublin stadium.

In January 1982 we are invited to record one track on the LP "The battle of the bands" in RCA studio in London.

In may 1982 Kevin and I move to London. In september we record an EP with two tracks with an "Rough trade" distribution.

In december 1982, bass player Tom Astor, "Gardens studio" owner join the band. Later on, guitar player Gary Tarn join us for some concerts.

I decide to leave the band for personal reason in may 1983.

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