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​Le Sauvage

As publishing director, I create the monthly satiric magazine "Le Sauvage" with Frédéric Bonnet in 1994.

With the writers and cartoonists Franck Jouneau, Guy Autret, Frap, Enola S. Cluzeau, Rémi Pavia, Guillaume Gauthier, Patrice Bernard, Lionel Gikel, and a lot more…

​Le journal de Bidru

In 1986, I create the magazine with Philippe Bordage and a lot of cartoonists and writers. Franck Jouneau, Jean-Michel Bouchet, Pierre Frendo, Eric Sagot, Nicolas de la Casinière, Perottin, Yalta, Yves Magne, Bruno Bazile, Olivier Bioret, Bernard taillat, Yonkel, Bradge, Michel-Marie Bougard, Patrice Bernard and a lot more…


In january 1976, a new magazine is created within La Colinière school with a bunch of friends, writers and a lot of cartoonists. Patrice Bernard, Thierry Leroux, Philippe Plual, Franck Jouneau, Fabrice Perray, Jean-Pierre Fradet, Michel Leriche, Sheeta and a lot more…

A  "Les Internoïdes Associés" publication édited by Turpin SA.

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