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The comics and magazines

When I was still at school in 1975, I create with some friends the magazine "O'Zeï". In 1986, I create the comic magazine "Le journal de Bidru".

I write my first SciFi novel "Le réveil d'Hector" in 1994. I create the satiric magazine "Le Sauvage" with Frédéric Bonnet in 1994. And back to a psychological story that I write and design in 2022 the comic book "La porte et le ballon".

The novels

"L'aventure étrange de Lia" a comic book in 2004. The second novel is a psychological thriller "Les rêves n'existent que lorsqu'on les regardein 2005. The third novel, back to SciFi with "Seule la faim, donne la volonté de s'améliorer" in 2008.

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