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In 2023 a band is created with Jacques Laroche and Marcel Taillandier for a residence in "la Vinaigrerie" at le Péllerin.

A music and multimedia experience based on randomness

A fusion between meditative music, jazz, contemporary music and improvisation. Repetitive music sets the beat and tempo (Steve Reich, Robert Fripp, Magma, Miles Davis, Brian Eno). Layers and sound textures inte
rtwine to leave room for improvisation.

Jacques Laroche : Pianist, synthesizer, sequencer, guitarist, computer
Marcel Taillandier : Acoustic multi-instrumentalist, computer
Franck Jouneau : Drummer, electronics, computer
Guest star ? : vocalist (singing, sound poetry, theater actor, dance, improvisation or with a defined text) or other instrument

A musical/performative evening in four sets over two acts of thirty minutes.

   Acte 01
> set 01 : Improvisation on a directed frame
> Set 02 : Free but timed improvisation


  Acte 02
> set 01 : Minimal improvisation on slow tempo
> Set 02 : Improvisation on a poetic song (guest)

An abstract and graphic style. Psychedelic layers. Using metaphors and analogies.

Two video artists
Thierry Senesis : Cameraman (films the musicians, the public on stage).
Xoxoxoxoxo : A video composer

As with the music, the video is managed by live editing by an image composer who controls the parts played by several videos sent to the screen and the live images.

More dates to come soon
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